There are many supplies and equipment we need for the day-to-day running of PADS including:

  • newspapers
  • black dustbin bags
  • dog, cat, kitten and puppy food (especially tinned food),
  • towels and blankets
  • cat and dog carriers
  • Old cell phones (ours seem to have a very short lifespan)
  • old dog collars & leads

Voice of the Voiceless

Prince Albert Dieresorg/Animal Welfare (PADS) is a registered not-for-profit organisation (NPO), run by unpaid volunteers (none of whom is a vet) and depends wholly on public donations of money and materials.

It offers help to disadvantaged animals and disabled owners who are without funds or transport. Primary projects are dipping/deworming in summer and sterilisation programmes when funds permit.

Currently the organisation has a core of volunteers a number of whom have undergone a 2-day veterinary nurse assistant's course with Nurse Hilda Mills.

Money raised is used to buy dipping solution, de-worming tablets and antiseptics as well as for the sterilisation programme.

Prince Albert Municipality has offered support by way of helpers when the need arises.

If you would like to lend a hand as a volunteer drop us a line ( or give us a call on 071 571 8600. And if you are not able to donate your time  we would be grateful for whatever you can spare ... cash, old collars, leads, feeding bowls, dog food or animal-related cast-offs.

Your support, in any way, is what will keep us going.


NPO No.: 043-813-NPO

Container HQ, Thusong Centre, Church Street

Prince Albert 6930 RSA

c     071 571 8600



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